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Automatic grinder for cleaning welds on edges of boxes at 90 °. Equipped with a large base for supporting the piece with a pneumatic locking system, it can work edges up to 800 or 1500 mm. The operating head approaches the area to be machined thanks to a trolley equipped with a pneumatic cylinder and advances along the entire edge to be worked by means of a trolley with recirculating ball guides, gearmotor and trapezoidal screw transmission which also allow it to regulate its movement speed . Once the starting point of the machining has been set, the head advances along the edge, at the end it stops and unlocks the piece to allow the operator to position the next edge and continue processing without having to return to the zero point. The working pressure is manually adjustable by bringing the head closer to the piece. Control panel with standard push-button panel or touch screen on request.

The version with two operating heads is available for greater productivity. PLUS version available with three machining movements, vertical, horizontal and oscillation for radiusing only on models with touch screens.

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