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Abrasive belt sander for flat, horizontal and vertical 2-speed working with belt tensioning system through a practical handwheel that acts on a fork that supports the tensioner roller on both sides, this makes the belt centering stable in every working condition and quick and safe replacement. The work surface, equipped with a practical adjustable support, is protected by mobile casings that allow you to discover only the part of the tape used in the production process or to be completely open to allow the processing of long pieces in the pass while maintaining maximum protection. The tape runs on a graphite canvas band that allows a soft and homogeneous processing. Prepared for the attachment of a self-filtering suction system that also collects dust that comes off the belt during rolling. Accessories available on request that make the multifunction machine more adaptable to any type of processing

Technical specifications

  • Abrasive belt size
      mm 1500 x 150
  • Abrasive belt speed
      m/sec 24/125
  • Working table dimension
    mm 435 x 160
  • Air consumption
      m³/h 700
  • Maximum dimensions
      mm 780 x 650 x 950
  • Approx weight
      kg 88