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Deburring machine for stainless steel pipes and profiles at double speed External and internal processing of the end of the tube cut at 45 ° and 90 ° in a single work cycle. Deburring takes place thanks to a steel wire brush with rotation of the brush itself and of the brush axis which determines the change of the working direction. In this way, a uniform deburring of all edges is guaranteed even if pieces are already bent.
The entry mouth of the prism piece is manually adjusted according to the diameter to be machined and with a slight pressure you push the piece against the deburring brush which, by rotating simultaneously, drools you know the inside and the outside.

Technical specifications

  • Brush diameter
    mm 250
  • Brush work surface
    mm 100
  • Round pipe diameter min/max
    mm 20/120
  • Square tubular diameter min/max
    mm 20x20 / 120x120
  • Maximum dimensions
    mm 1400 x 930 x580
  • Approx weight
    kg 370