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    Gecam has been developing and manufacturing machine for grinding, deburring and finishing sheet metal since 1994. Founded as small company in Parma, we have always maintained as our core value attention to quality. The use of 100% Italian materials has allowed us to become, over the years, a benchmark company for the industry. Our experienced and highly qualified staff, from different disciplines, allows for constant development of production with the primary objective of meeting (and exceeding) the needs of our customers. The technical department, in addition to the production of our standard products, is involved daily in the design of customized machines based on the specific requests of our customers. The high quality guaranteed by local production and an efficient and punctual service allows GECAM to impose itself in world markets boasting 75% of our total sales in exports with 25% home sales. Customer satisfaction is achieved through the strict observance of their requirements, with constant improvement in our production activities thanks to careful planning, monitoring and documentation of each business process. From the first contact to after-sales flexibility, speed and quality is what drives us.

Grinding machine on contact roller 531

Grinding machine for corners 131

Grinding machine for pipes 228

Orbital grinding machine 141

Manual Brushing machine 705 - 706 - 707

Manual brushing machine CUB

Grinding machine on flat 311

Grinding machine for corners 136

Grinding machine for big surfaces 125

Centerless grinding machine 128 S/SL

Deburring machine for pipes 143

Automatic grinding machine for corners 135

Double tools deburring machine suitable for various processes of metalworking, grinding, deburring, rounding edges and polishing.

Sanding machine with water sprayers for metal surfaces subject to heat deformation.

Deburring machine working up to 300mm

Deburring machine entry level up to 650mm

Deburring machine working with up to 1100mm

Deburring machine working width up to 1350mm

Deburring both sides up to 600mm

Deburring machine entry level up to 1100mm