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Transversal sanding machine for metal surface deburring and rounding of edges, with 6 upper and lower working groups for simultaneous processing on both sides. Fixed bench with motorized dragging rollers in reinforced steel at variable speed. Independent motors for each work group for greater control of processing and management of different working pressures. Equipped with two abrasive belt units and 4 tracks with translating abrasive strips. Touch screen control panel with storage of work programs and alarm self-diagnosis.

  • ransversal abrasive belt unit with pressure pad to facilitate the entry of the pieces with independent motor with automatic braking. Tensioning system
  • Group with double belts with strips brushes for perfect brushing on all edges of the sheet even inside the holes. The maintenance of previous surface treatments is guaranteed. Motorized and independent pressure regulation from 0 to 35 mm

  • Working width
    mm 600
  • Abrasive belt size
    mm 2500 x 50
  • Brushes dimension
    mm 66 x 32
  • Working thickness min/max
    mm 0,5/80
  • Feed speed
    m/min 0,7-6
  • Suction required
    m³/h 6000
  • Maximum dimensions L x P x H
    mm 1680 x 1750 x 2100
  • Approx weight
    from kg 2000