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Brushing machine born for cleaning, polishing or satin finishing operations on pieces of any type and material. The column base is designed to give the smallest footprint both when standing and sitting, it can be filled with sand or other heavy material to ensure stability in any working condition.

The motor works on three large diameter bearings with the last one close to the brush to ensure maximum rigidity to the shaft, at two speeds, self-braking and adjustable in height to allow you to work in maximum safety and comfort both standing and sitting. The motor can be fixed in seven different positions every 140 mm. starting from 500 mm. up to 1500 mm. above the ground.

A brushing machine for manual processing very flexible that allows the polishing of pieces in different dimensions and shapes.

An additional plate is available on request which allows the motor to be mounted every 35 mm. The electrical system, strictly according to standards, is equipped with a general switch, start / stop buttons, emergency button, remote control switch and magnetothermic protection and is contained in a waterproof box that can be positioned at any height. The machine is designed for connection to a suction system.

Technical specifications

  • Brush diameter
    mm 300
  • Brush holder shaft diameter
    mm 25
  • Maximum dimensions
    mm 730 x 530 x 1600
  • Approx weight
    from kg 95

Brushing machine mod. 705

  • Brush width
    mm 120
  • Brush width
    mm 280

Brushing machine mod. 706

  • Brush width
    mm 140
  • Brush distance from base
    mm 650

Brushing machine mod. 707

  • Brush width
    mm 500
  • Brush distance from base
    mm 500