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Industrial Park of Shisto street 3 block 11 -  18 863,   Perama,  Attica - Greece
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Imittou 37 -  18 540,   Piraeus,  Attica - Greece

On our equipment has been added a new punching machine, which has the ability to cut and also to bend sheet metal parts.

Our company possesses the latest Fiber Laser metal cutting technology with the potential to succeed 3G acceleration...

The equipment of our company includes four hydraulic shears with maximum cutting length: 6000mm and maximum cutting capacity: 25mm

Η μέθοδος της υδροκοπής εφαρμόζεται με επιτυχία στη βιομηχανία, αρχιτεκτονική, ναυπηγική, διακοσμητική, design.

Τhe equipment of our company includes two Plasma High Definition machines for cutting metals with very good accuracy in low cost.